Maesh can be installed in your cluster without affecting any running services. It will safely install itself via the helm chart, and will be ready for use immediately after.

It can be installed by running:

helm repo add maesh https://containous.github.io/maesh/charts
helm repo update
helm install --name=maesh --namespace=maesh maesh/maesh



Depending on the tool you used to deploy your cluster you might need to tweak RBAC permissions.


If you used kubeadm to deploy your cluster, a fast way to allow the helm installation to perform all steps it needs is to edit the cluster-admin ClusterRoleBinding, adding the following to the subjects section:

- kind: ServiceAccount
  name: default
  namespace: kube-system

Assuming tiller is deployed in your kube-system namespace, this will give it very open permissions.

Installation Examples

See the examples page to see how to easily deploy Maesh and configure your services to use it.