To install maesh, the installation method is quite simple:

helm repo add maesh
helm repo update

Install maesh helm chart:

helm install --name=maesh --namespace=maesh maesh/maesh

Install from source

To build the image locally, run:


to build the binary and build/tag the local image.

Deploy helm chart

To deploy the helm chart, run:

helm install helm/chart/maesh --namespace maesh --set controller.image.pullPolicy=IfNotPresent --set controller.image.tag=latest

Installation namespace

Maesh does not need to be installed into the maesh namespace, but it does need to be installed into its own namespace, separate from user namespaces.


To use maesh, instead of referencing services via their normal <servicename>.<namespace>, instead use <servicename>.<namespace>.maesh. This will access the maesh service mesh, and will allow you to route requests through maesh.

By default, maesh is opt-in, meaning you have to use the maesh service names to access the mesh, so you can have some services running through the mesh, and some services not.